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Guiding Values

Vision Statement

Integrity Electrical Solutions is the First Name for Electrical and Data Solutions in the Front Range Community.

Mission Statement

Integrity Electrical Solutions operates with the highest standards of ethics and integrity to provide our customers excellence in electrical and data services. We accomplish this with our team of skilled employees who are trained and professional. We endeavor to create a culture that encourages teamwork and excellence for all of our employees.

Guiding Values

Our goal is nothing short of excellence. To achieve excellence, the quality of our service, equipment and installation, even our thinking must always be of the highest standard. To achieve excellence as a Company, every employee must first know what is expected, and then hold excellence as a primary value.

The conduct of our Company must be in a manner that reflects honesty, sincerity, concern, respect, and caring for others while striving to achieve the highest ethical standards set forth by God and man.

We enthusiastically shape our future, staying focused on what makes us great, rising above mediocrity and complacency and realizing greatness is not a pinnacle but a passionate daily journey.

Developing and maintaining positive relationships with our employees, customers, vendors, and community is vitally important to us. Each is a valuable member of our team and we consistently work to exceed their expectations and achieve positive outcomes.

Realizing competition sharpens and engages us, we compete fiercely to win.