Chris’ Corner | Issue 1

By March 30, 2020 No Comments
Anyone remember what we were doing a month ago? What a change a few days or weeks can make. We are certainly in unprecedented times. All of the uncertainty, media hype, and rumors are creating fear and anxiety for everyone. Most of us remember the day and days after the 9/11 event. A different situation but there are obvious similarities: Nobody saw it coming, everyone was in shock, it shut the country down for a period of time, nobody knew what was coming next, everyone watched way too much TV which created even higher anxiety. The most important similarity that we certainly need to remember is that there was an end to it. Hard to see when you’re in the middle of difficult times but it’s there none the less. The same for this COVID-19 event. There is an end to it. We just don’t see it yet.


We suddenly have a new phrase that we haven’t used before, “social distancing”, which basically means, “no hugs, no hand shakes, no physical contact, stay 6’ away from me”. We are social animals and this distance adds to our feelings of anxiety and possibly despair. Its important that we remember who is most important to us, our family. Give your spouses and kids extra hugs, kisses, and attention. They need it and so do we. There is comfort in touch.


We are classified as an essential service and therefore allowed to continue to work. That is really a blessing that many others don’t have. Be grateful that we’ve been allowed to operate “business as usual” as much as possible. Others are having a harder time of it than we are. Remember them as you remember those that are ill and those that didn’t survive this. I’ve already given all of you our new procedures to limit everyone’s exposure so I won’t go over it again here other than to just ask that you are considerate, not only of our government’s recommendations and laws, but also of other’s safety.


Finally, we will get through this as a family and see the other side. It will soon be a memory just as the events of 9/11. Be brave. Be strong. Have faith. Stay calm. Remember we are all in this together. All of you are in my prayers.




It’s Been Ten Years Already!

As you may know all company events have been postponed for the time being. The month of April typically sees our company birthday party, an all hands meeting and a special catered shop breakfast. Once we get through all this, we will get those rescheduled or look forward to other events down the road. In the meantime, here is a recap of Our Story, to remind us all how far we have come.


Integrity Electrical Solutions opened for business on April 5, 2020 with a focus on business to business electrical service and quickly expanded to owner-direct project work and then into larger construction projects. The day we opened our doors, we had 12 employees and now we have grown to 60+ or 5 times the amount of people and sales!


2020 Employee Anniversaries

We wouldn’t be where we are without our loyal employees, we’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank:



  • Shawn Krone – 2 years
  • Kevin Campbell – 1 year
  • Sam Morris – 1 year
  • Ben Carranza – 1 year


  • Pierce Smith – 2 years
  • Dustin Green – 1 year
  • Jared Kraft – 1 year


  • Clint Shepherd – 3 years


Thank you all so much!