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How to Estimate Electrical Costs for New Commercial Construction

Constructing new buildings comes with a host of expenses and considerations, not the least of which is the extensive and regulated process of designing and installing an effective electrical system.  We’re familiar with these details since we’re a company that specializes in electrical solutions in Colorado.  As you move toward completing construction on a commercial… Read more »

How to Recognize Signs of Faulty Wiring or Electrical Problems

A house’s electrical system is a carefully planned, strategic network of regulated wiring and breakers, all designed to bring light to your home safely. Still, the older the building, the more likely an electrical problem may occur. And even in newer homes, nothing is guaranteed. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 51,000 home… Read more »

How to Know if Solar Energy is Right for Your Home or Business

Solar energy is quickly becoming the renewable source of power of the future. But until it becomes more incorporated into the infrastructure of everyday homes and businesses, owners must decide from themselves if, and when, they should choose to install solar panels. Here are some expert energy-related recommendations from Integrity Electrical Solutions, a Colorado electric… Read more »

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home

Lighting can make all the difference in comfort, mood, ambiance, perception, and energy in a home, and oftentimes the distinction is subtle or due to a very slight variation. When designing the perfect collection of lights for your home, apply these considerations to achieve the look and feel that you are seeking. Identify lighting goals…. Read more »

LED Bulbs Versus Traditional Bulbs: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Traditional incandescent light bulbs have long held the top spot for lighting indoor and outdoor spaces within typical homes. But now energy efficient options such as halogen and incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been developed to provide distinct advantages for residential and commercial lighting needs. So how do these… Read more »

10 Tips for Safe and Efficient Christmas Lighting

Christmas lights are a timeless treasure of the holiday season, and there are many ways to make your house and yard shine with all the festive spirit of creative decorating without worrying about unsafe features or costly electricity bills. So, for a safe and efficient Christmas light season, remember: Buy LED Lights. LED light strands… Read more »

Top Things To Look For In A Colorado Electric Company

For millions of Colorado residents, the desire to handle basic home repairs and maintenance is something themselves is a great source of pride – and with good reason. Being able to handle tasks around the house helps save you money and gives you a sense of fulfillment. But the risks associated with electrical work –… Read more »

How To Know That You Need A Denver Electric Company

Whether it’s a commercial property or a residential one, some things are universal when it comes to a structure. One example is the need for electricity, and making sure that you have the wiring you need is vital. Contacting a good Denver electric company is the best way to ensure that you’re giving yourself the… Read more »

Why Should Alternative Energy Matter To You?

One of the big concerns we have as move further into the 21st century is energy production. Our entire modern society operates on the premise that we have access to huge amounts of energy that can power everything from the lights in our homes and workplaces to the computers, videogames, televisions and rechargeable devices that… Read more »

What Kinds Of Alternative Energy Can We Use?

As a Colorado electric company, one of our biggest areas of concern is the use and generation of electricity. We need it, and we need it in huge amounts. But the current ways of meeting these needs are both harmful to the environment and finite. Some day, we will run out of coal, oil and… Read more »