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Why Us

There are several reasons why we stand out. Here are seven reasons we believe are the most important: We operate our company on the foundation created by our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Values; we carefully screen our workforce; we are committed to training and ongoing education; we place a high priority on customer satisfaction; we believe happy employees make happy customers; we utilize 21st Century technology when it can make us better; we make it a priority to give back to our community.

Guiding values1) We operate our Company on the foundation created by our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Values.

Everyone in the company knows our vision, mission and guiding values and uses them in customer and employee relations. Management constantly references these documents in their decision making process.



2) We carefully screen our workforce.
We believe it is important for us to take extreme care when adding team members. We realize that our field team members are in front of our customers every day. That makes their qualifications, appearance, customer service skills, healthy lifestyle, and ethical behavior of paramount importance. We screen all of our applicants very carefully and perform background, substance, and skill tests before an offer of employment is given to them. Once they are on the team they are provided 4-5 days of extensive orientation and training, ensuring they understand our standards of safety, customer service, and quality before they can represent us in front of our customers.


3) We are committed to training and ongoing education.
Everyone on our staff has an ongoing education requirement as a part of their job description. Apprenticeship training is not optional. All of our apprentices are enrolled in IEC’s apprenticeship program. We provide weekly safety, job related, and customer service training at our facility on Friday mornings. Ongoing training at IEC is encouraged and the company pays for most of these programs. The marketing team is involved in reinforced weekly classes with Sandler Sales training. This standard of excellence is set for all employees as even the President of the Company is a member of Vistage, the world’s leading CEO organization.


4) We place a high priority on customer satisfaction.
We plan on exceeding our customer’s expectations every time. We encourage this same attitude in all of our employees by providing recognition and awards for positive customer feedback. All of our field employees are rewarded when a customer submits a written letter of approval. These letters of approval are framed and mounted on our “Wall of Fame”. Every work order has a spot for our field technician’s name so that the customer knows who was serving them, as well as a place for the customer to rate the technician’s performance. Any performance rating less than “Excellent” warrants a phone call from the owner. We very rarely have to make those calls. We are confident enough with the quality of our staff that all of our emergency calls have a 1-hour show up guarantee and all of our service includes a 2 year warranty. Call for Guarantee/Warranty Details.


5) We believe happy employees make happy customers.
All of our employees love to work here. On a new employee’s first day of work we throw a party and send a gift basket to their family welcoming them because we want their first day to be one of their best experiences. If they need to leave, we believe that day to be one of the saddest for them and us. We encourage employee feedback on all issues so that we can constantly improve the way we do business. Individual and Company success is publicly celebrated and falling short of our high standards is used as a learning experience. In this way we are always reinforcing the standard of excellence and correcting anything that falls short. It has become a legend among the employees, their spouses, and even our vendors, that the owners make breakfast for the employees once a quarter and have regular events such as the annual chili cook-off, company birthday celebration, and holiday party. We make sure every employee gets a birthday card on their birthday and an anniversary card on their anniversary with the company, always signed by the leadership team.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA6) We utilize 21st Century technology when it can make us better.
We recently implemented an electronic dispatch system which shows us real time where our field staff is working, allowing us to send the closest technician to each service call. It also provides electronic communication with each field technician instead of requiring them to start at the office each morning to exchange paperwork. This streamlines our process, reduces waste and operating costs, and allows us to serve our customers more efficiently.

7Combined7) We make it a priority to give back to our community.
We believe, as a company, that we have a responsibility to give back to our community. We support Operation Christmas Child, an organization that provides Christmas for under privileged children in third world countries; Tennyson Center, and Ralston House, child advocacy centers dedicated to helping children and teens heal from the trauma of childhood abuse. Many of our customers are proud to know that a portion of the cost of their service provides support for these important charitable organizations.

Our name describes what we do and how we perform our business. For Integrity Electrical Solutions, our name describes our passion and commitment to the highest ethical standards. We firmly believe we are held accountable for making the right decision every time, a decision we can be proud of, not just the most profitable one. We also want all of our customers to know it’s not enough for us to provide short term service. Our ultimate goal is to provide long term solutions to all of their Electrical needs. We want to be the first name people think of when they need electrical, data, or energy savings solutions.