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Integrity Electrical Solutions is entering its second generation of Ownership with the retirement of Chris Cumpton.  To memorialize the event on 8/16/21, the owners of Integrity conducted an all-hands meeting to thank the entire company for their demonstration of cooperation, teamwork, support and respect for one another and to share the message of the changing of the guard.  This change is marked by the new vision statement, “Genuine people collaborating to build meaningful partnerships through trustworthy performance”, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the human interactions that occur, internally and externally, everyday in every business.  The meeting also included recognition of our Leaders of the Month: Eric Mondragon (May), Jordan Crawley (June) and Jim Dempsey (July); the celebration of our 2021 IEC Graduates; and the roll-out of the company’s 5-year plan. The 5-year plan includes opportunity for growth for all employees and diversification of our service group and overall increase in revenue.  There are so many exciting things happening in the coming years at Integrity, stay tuned as we make sure to keep everyone up to date with our new achievements.

Thank you again to all of our employees for always going the extra mile!

We would not be where we are without you.

Mike, Amy, Kyle