Integrity Electrical Solutions 2018 Leaders of the Month

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Introducing the Leaders of the Month winners…

February: Khalid.

Our Service Technician Khalid was nominated for going above and beyond in handling an issue at a retail store. He recognized a safety issue and did a fantastic job explaining it to both third-party management company and the executive team at the mall. The customer was impressed by his diligence and follow-through as well.

March: Clint.

Our Foreman Clint took over a large project mid-stream with a positive attitude. His attention to detail made the transition a smooth one. He has done an excellent job setting expectations for apprentices on his team and shown leadership in tackling this job.

April: Andrew.

Andrew consistently meets his goals and has an outstanding attitude. He tackles his tasks with force whether it’s the job site or bowling alley.

May: Michael.

Our Apprentice Michael has shown initiative and shown that he will be leading the charge as he becomes an electrical journeyman. He’s an award winning student at IECRM.

June: Rick.

We have weekly tool box talks, discussions, site visits, and ongoing training.  Safety has been woven into our culture at Integrity, and the man driving that effort is Rick.  His efforts put Integrity Electrical Solutions in the top 1% of companies who’s safety programs are audited by Pinnocol Olsen & Olsen.

July: Deidre.

Deidre has consistently been on top of her game. Payroll and reimbursements are always out on time. She moved into the Project Coordinator roll while keeping these tasks and still manages to excel in her new role. She’s a quiet leader and stands out through her work ethics. She is always willing to help and is always asking for ways to improve.

August: Logan.

Logan is always dependable and is trusted to do a good job. He is able to manage other apprentices on a job and do it well. He helped tremendously on the Target jobs working on several sites and really nailed down the required documentation. He single handedly finished the low volt portion on some of these sites.