Integrity Services

Doing your job well feels good, it’s the right thing to do, and it’s been the foundation for the long-term, trusted relationships that we enjoy today.


From concept to contract, we skillfully support you through the design, budgeting, and procurement scheduling process of your project.


Preconstruction cost modeling and constructability analysis, Design/Build – Design/Assist delivery methods available for your Construction or Facility Service and Special Project needs.


You must possess enough of the right experience to pull it all together. Our team has both extensive field and preconstruction experience that allows us to bring practical and efficient (cost and time) solutions to you, without holes.


We impact several systems within your building and account for a large portion of the overall construction cost. We must be proactive in coordinating scopes and collaborating with other team members to ensure a comprehensive approach.


Many times email is not enough.  The responsibility to communicate proactively and clearly is ours.  We advocate for you throughout the process by communicating opportunities to save time, money, maintenance headaches down the road, potential schedule impacts, and constructability issues. Without being asked.


Trimble Accubid Pro is the database engine supporting all estimating activity.  This database has been customized to reflect todays wiring and installation standards and allows for real-time material pricing updates for each estimate

Trimble LiveCount is an enhancement to Accubid that allows for on-screen take-off, auto-counts, drawing overlays for those un-clouded addenda, and that speeds up the overall process, allowing for paperless estimating

Revu BluBeam optimizes our workflow both in the office and field by speeding up the communication and review of designs, changes, RFI’s, and coordination drawings.

“Your management as well as support team have been an essential part of the successful relocation of our high-tech stencil and blade manufacturing plant. The can-do teamwork and focus on customer satisfaction were always present.”
– Photostencil


It is hard to drive anywhere in Metro Denver and not see a past project you were on in Construction. Conjuring up memories of challenges overcome and the camaraderie felt amongst your fellow employees and for your customer


“Professional is not a label you give yourself, it is a description you work to earn from others” – David M. Project size, complexity, and schedule dictate the requirements. Our arsenal includes small to multimillion-dollar contracts, tenant-improvement to new-builds and sub-shops for Jimmy Johns to top-secret projects for Ball Aerospace. Our reputation means everything to us.


Project size, complexity, and schedule dictate the requirements. Our arsenal includes small to multimillion-dollar contracts, tenant-improvement to new-builds.

Team Work

As your electrical contractor, we are among the first-in and the last-out of your project. Our touch-points to make your project a success are numerous. Working together is key.


“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – M. Tyson. Challenges will arise on every project and success lies within our response. Early communication (good or bad) is essential to allow all parties the best opportunity for a positive outcome.

“Let me start by saying thank you for the tremendous effort and quality put forth by Integrity on the Denver BMW project. From the beginning it was clear that Integrity was not just a subcontractor, but a partner in the timely and quality construction of a beautiful facility for our client … One thing I appreciate, cannot emphasize enough, is your company’s open and effective communication.”
– WE O’Neil

Service & Special Projects

A professional Service Department requires a specialized skill set, one significantly unique from that of Construction. We began our company as a Service organization – we didn’t simply ‘add’ a Service Department

Integrity means doing the right thing – no matter who is watching. Service technicians mostly operate alone, so ours embody a spirit of ethics, knowledge, and professionalism you can depend on.

Rapid Response

Demand a rapid response, arriving prepared, and efficient execution. We continue to help keep businesses such as Pepsi Center, Coors Field, Seagate Technologies, Verizon Data Centers, operating profitably to name a few.

Service Tools

  • Underground fault locator
  • Complete circuit tracing kits
  • Bucket truck with 35’ boom
  • 30-day load study and recording
  • Infrared thermography camera

Communication & Collaboration

In order to meet pace with your need, each van is outfitted with a full material stock and GPS and each technician carries a tablet linked to our dispatching system. Our dedicated dispatcher monitors the fleet locations using an electronic map of the Front Range. The technician closest to our customer is easily identified. Assignment details and instructions are pushed to the technician’s tablet from the office through ESC. Upon arriving on site our technician confirms the scope of work with you, investigates to confirm scope and to identify options save time or money for you, and does not proceed with the work until your authorization is provided through the tablet. Our technicians are able to document critical information, notes, and pictures through ESC so that information is available to any other technician who may respond to your facility in the future.

“Integrity came to our facility to troubleshoot and repair a piece of equipment in our clean space and you were successful. I had this piece of equipment looked at by other electricians and no one had been able to fix it. We greatly appreciate your work – now we do not have to buy a new piece of equipment.”
– Pendford Foods


People are the priority and their safe return home every day to their loved ones drives our culture of safety. Our program has won local and national awards from the Independent Electrical Contractors association but the real success is we work safely.

  • Full-time Safety/Risk Manager who visits every project every week
    • 25 years field and safety leadership experience
    • Successful coaching-based approach to education and enforcement
    • OSHA 10; OSHA 30 authorized instructor
    • First-Aid/CPR
    • Safety Chairperson for IECRM
  • Company Safety Committee with Owner, Project Manager, Superintendent, and Field involvement, meets monthly
  • Our safety program begins on the first day of employment with (6) hours of safety orientation.
  • Training and on-going reinforcement of GHS, Hazcom, PPE, Electrical Safety, Fall protection, Ladder and Lift Training, Housekeeping, Silica, and Defensive Driving
  • We conduct weekly tool-box talks, including office personnel, weekly
  • We also employ the latest technology-based tools such as i-Auditor that enhances our Quality Control, Safety, Investigations, and reporting functions
  • Our company’s strength and success depends on our employees both in the field and office. That is why we have implemented a Wellness Program to increase our employees’ Health-IQ and to help maintain and improve their health.